Wire and Flat Springs

Designed to maintain constant pressure and hold various components in place, wire spring clips and flat spring clips come in many different shapes and sizes and are used in virtually endless applications. Our engineers at Victory Spring can design custom spring clips to your specifications, or you can choose from our wide selection of ready-to-ship inventory.

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wire and flat springs clips

Wire and Flat Springs:

Wire and Flat spring clips are designed to support constant pressure. They have the ability to hold different components together for a long time. Victory Spring has the right expertise to develop spring clips and springs that meet your specific requirements.

Our experts have the manufacturing knowledge to offer you the services, you’re looking for. At Victory Spring, we take care of everything while creating the best quality springs for you.

We maintain the highest quality standards and are considered a leading spring manufacturer in Canada. Don’t just waste more time looking for a reliable spring manufacturer, contact us now to get what you want.

What are Wire And Flat Springs?

Wire spring clips and flat spring clips are basically used to bind several components in one place. These springs are very helpful in maintaining constant pressure, therefore, they’re used in endless applications.

These springs are available in different sizes and shapes. At Victory Spring, we design custom spring clips while ensuring that all your specifications are being met.

We’ve been working for years to deliver the best of the best to our customers. Experts at Victory Spring have the ability to offer you the following top-quality flat spring types at the most affordable prices:

  • Fine Wire Springs
  • Flat Form Springs

When choosing your spring clips, it’s crucial to pay attention to the amount of pressure required for your particular application. Some spring clips also need to be engineered to withstand high heat levels.

Our knowledgeable team can ensure you’re making the right selection for your needs and getting your spring clips when you need them, whether through fast shipping of one-off orders or a comprehensive inventory program to stay ahead of your manufacturing requirements.

Stainless Steel Fine Wire Spring:

Fine wire springs are basically compression springs but they have less diameter. These types of springs are used in mechanisms that need to produce highly accurate results.

These springs are used in watch production, medical catheters, automotive clutches, valves, and transmission systems. Victory Spring is among the top spring manufacturer in Canada that offers high-quality standard and customized springs to its customers.

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of designing these springs in any dimension and tolerance. Whenever a product is delivered to our customers, it passes our product quality test first. This is why our products have the highest success rate.

Flat Springs:

Flat springs are a type of springs that are made up of flat stock, strip material, or sheets. Moreover, these types of springs are found in different forms and sizes. The exact size and shape totally depend on its type of use.

You may find these springs in several products including clock springs, beam springs, leaf springs, clips, battery contacts, and several other appliances.  One of the most common flat springs is a wave washer often found in the modern oven’s temperature setting.

Several industrial applications such as mining, electronics, power generation, telecommunications, construction, and more make use of these springs. Most importantly, Flat springs don’t have any standard size or shape.

The reason is that these springs are developed depending on your requirement and specification or the purpose of use. Victory Spring offers a wide range of custom flat forms springs with different dimensions.

Experts at Victory Spring develop these springs so they can sustain high impact loads. The type and quality of the material ensure the robustness of our products. We develop Flat springs that are long-lasting and durable. Our years of spring manufacturing experience help us deliver flat springs according to your needs.

Looking For a Custom Spring Design?

Victory Spring Has It All:

Victory Spring is among reliable spring manufacturers in Canada with a track record of a 100% success rate. We develop springs that last long as we don’t stretch and compress springs during manufacturing. Our high manufacturing standards help us in developing springs that have less risk of buckling, breakage, and friction.

Our state-of-the-art springs are shorter in length, thus, they save a lot of axial space in several applications. As compared to the conventional coil springs, these springs save nearly 50% of the space in all applications.

We also help our clients in the manufacturing of springs to their custom specifications.

With several years of experience, our experts use proven industry knowledge and technical expertise to develop springs that are compatible with almost all industries. Get your custom Flat Spring clips by just giving us a call (780) 442-4020, we’ll help you find one depending on your application requirements.