Torsion Springs

Helical torsion springs are used to apply a torque or store rotational energy. Torsion springs are found in clothespins, window shades, counterbalance mechanisms, ratchets, hinges and various other machine components.

Have you been looking for a mechanism to trap mice? Or are you looking to fix your clock? A Torsion Spring can be an asset for you while repairing your machine. We have been working for years to help our clients get good value for their money.

Our experts have the specialized knowledge to design and develop springs that exactly meet your needs. Additionally, we have the privilege to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

We work to ensure the highest quality standards are met while fostering excellence in the manufacturing of our springs at our plant in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

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What Are Torsion Springs?

A torsion spring works by just twisting its ends along its axis. In other words, it can be termed as an object that has the ability to store mechanical energy when it’s twisted. The spring produces a torque in the opposite direction when it’s twisted.

The torque produced is directly proportional to the angle of twist. You may have seen these springs in clothespins, garage doors, clipboards, and swing-down tailgates. Moreover, they’re used in a wide range of electronic devices for special purposes.

Torsion Springs are a round arbor or shaft and they must have support at three or more than three points.  It should be adjusted in such a way that the diameter of the body remains less. Therefore, it’s always suggested that the spring should be loaded in a favorable direction rather than in an unfavorable direction.

The gap between the ID of the coil and the shaft determines the diameter of these springs. Therefore, it’s always suggested to have a significant amount of space between the Coil ID and the shaft that rides on it.

Types Of Torsion Springs:

If you’re looking to acquire the best quality torsion spring then Victory Spring can help you. We develop springs that are long-lasting and give more immunity to the applied mechanism.

Victory Spring can help you get custom springs at the most affordable rates. We’re happy to assist you with the following types of Torsion Springs:

  • Torsion Bar
  • Torsion Fiber
  • Helical Torsion Spring
  • Spiral Wound Torsion Spring

All of these types of springs are used for different purposes and obviously, we’re experts in developing any kind of spring. Feel free to call us now 780-442-4020 to get good value for a quality engineered solution.

Torsion Bar:

The torsion bar is actually a straight bar of metal or rubber that is twisted about its axis when a torque is applied at its end. Being among the leading spring manufacturer, we develop the torsional springs while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Torsion Fiber:

Can you think, springs can be used in sensitive instruments? Yes, Torsion Fiber is a delicate form of torsion spring that is used in sensitive instruments. It contains fiber of glass, quartz, or silk under tension. These springs are twisted at their axis.

Helical Torsion Springs:

The Helical Torsion Spring is basically a metal wire or rod that is shaped like a coil or helix. These springs are twisted about its axis of the coil via sideways forces that are applied to its ends.

Spiral Wound Torsion Springs:

The spiral wound torsion springs are used in clocks. These are actually helical torsion springs with coils circled around each other. These are called mainspring or clock spring.

You can find these springs in clutched and attic stairs. Victory Spring can provide you springs of any type to be used in special appliances. We’re proud to offer an extensive range of products to our customers.

Moreover, Victory Spring offers an option to get your custom spring of any size, shape, and diameter. Therefore, we claim to be a superior spring manufacturer in the market with almost 100% customer satisfaction.

Our highly qualified experts perfectly engineer custom springs, so, our clients won’t find any problem while adjusting the spring in their mechanism.

Looking For a Custom Spring Design?

Order Custom Torsion Springs:

As stated, Victory Spring has an experienced and knowledgeable team that takes care of its products and services. Our team can develop custom springs upon our customer’s demand. To get a custom spring, you just need to know about the size, diameter, and shape of the desired spring.

Our experts can make it possible for you to have a torsion spring of your choice. Our online inventory is also available for you to check what we do and how we do it. We’re always happy to respond to your queries about our work or the type of spring you want.

Being a top and consistent custom coil spring provider in Canada, we strive to meet your requirements with utmost accuracy.

As an added value, we also offer our expert advice option to our customers. So, call us now and get your custom spring designed at affordable prices.