Extension Springs

While many applications require springs that dampen force and perform a pushing action, others require a spring to oppose extension by pulling themselves back together. Extension springs are essential in the construction of mechanisms included in everything from trampolines and exercise machines to garage doors. Our knowledgeable team at Victory Spring can help you find the right one for your application in the extensive stock we carry, or we can design and manufacture a custom solution that fits your needs perfectly. Whatever type of extension spring you need to make your product a success, Victory Spring can deliver a quick, efficient and high quality solution that lasts.

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Extension Springs - side hook

Extension Springs - extended hook and double loop side

Extension Springs

An extension spring is wound so that there is an initial tension in the coils that holds the coils tightly together. The extension spring will start to deflect only if it receives a load greater than the initial tension. The force of an extension spring is linear apart from the introductory section, where the initial tension has to be overcome.

Extension Springs:

Extension springs are among the most common springs that are used in everyday life. These springs can be found in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and all types of appliances.

Keeping this in view, Victory Spring has devoted itself to offer the best quality extension springs to meet your daily needs. We use unique and premium quality materials to ensure the long life of our springs.

We leverage several years of manufacturing experience to offer innovative solutions to our customers. Ultimately, we never compromise the quality of our work. Give us a call now to inquire more about what we do and how we can help. Especially if you are looking for custom spring design.

What Are Extension Springs?

Extension springs or tension springs are a type of spring that have the ability to increase their length when they’re stretched. Moreover, when you extend these springs, they come under great tension.

Basically, both ends of these springs are attached to two different components. Therefore, when you exert pressure on the components in the opposite direction, the spring tries to pull them back to their original position.

The majority of extension springs are coiled springs and they’re typically manufactured from spring steel spring wire. These types of springs have an eye or hook at both ends. The hooks help in fastening variations on the ends.

The variations may include, open hooks, side hooks, extended hooks, and double full loops. These springs are often used to develop a restoring force in different mechanisms including counterbalances and latches.

As mentioned above, these springs remain under tension when a force is applied, therefore, they don’t need any support along their length.

Victory Spring is a leading spring manufacturer in Canada with a focus on offering quality products to its customers.

What Are the Different Types of Extension Springs?:

The extension spring is a coil that’s wound into a spiral and is then wrapped tightly depending on application needs. Similarly, these springs are classified into different types depending on the type of use. Extensions springs are classified into the following end types:

  • Machine and Crossover Center Hooks
  • Side and Extended Hooks
  • Double Loop and No Hooks
  • Customized Ends for Extension Springs

Victory Spring is a reliable spring manufacturer that provide custom spring designs when needed. Our experts can help you design extension springs with your preferred end type depending on your needs.

Let’s have a detailed look at the different types of extension spring end variations that Victory spring can provide you.

Machine and Crossover Center Hooks:

Machine and Crossover Center Hooks are the two most common types of extension springs. These springs form directly off the extension springs and then they circle over and across the spring end’s center.

The third-fourth points of a coil are bent out to form a perfect shape. Most importantly, they’re much stronger than crossover center hooks. The reason is that the bend radius is less.

Whereas the crossover center hooks bend across the center forming a circle at the end. The hook has a pronounced radius and it’s made by lifting and twisting the last coil towards the spring end’s circle.

Side and Extended Hooks:

Side and extended hooks springs are the least known springs and they’re useful in certain situations only. These springs are also very economical as compared to the crossover center hooks. The side hooks form the circle on the same plane as the outside diameter of the spring. The bending of the last coil out results in the side hook.

The extended hook has a similar function and use. However, the final coil is bent with a gap between the last coil and the end of the wire. These springs have a shorter body but the end hook empowers force.

Double Loop and No Hooks:

Double Loop extension springs have two coils. Moreover, you may not find a gap between other coils and the end of the wire. The extra loops on these types of springs provide them more strength to prevent breakage.

Whereas extension springs without hooks have a slight edge over the springs with hooks. The reason is that springs with no hooks have less stress or fatigue.

You can use these springs to thread a bolt into the inner diameter for offering strength to the ends. The extension springs with no hooks are economical and have a better life cycle.

Looking For a Custom Spring Design?

Customized Ends for Extension Springs:

Victory Spring can develop extension springs with customized ends. Our experts have the knowledge to manufacture custom extension springs according to your design and application.

Have you been looking for a spring manufacturer in Canada to provide you springs that are long-lasting and give added strength to your machine or mechanism? Or Do you want to order custom springs? Victory Spring has it all for you. Contact us now to acquire the best spring for your needs.