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Custom Spring Manufacturer in Canada

As Canada’s trusted source for coil springs, Victory Spring Ltd. provides expert spring manufacturing and design for a broad range of industrial spring applications. Since 1988, we’ve been refining our expertise in both designing and engineering custom springs and providing quick turnaround on our extensive inventory, which includes compression springsextension springstorsion springs, and wire & flat spring clips.

Whether you need a custom solution or a problem solved quickly with the right spring product, our team is here to help. We can provide exactly what you need, when you need it, and you can always rely on consistent quality and speedy service whenever you work with Victory Spring.

Custom Spring Manufacturer in Canada – Coil Springs

Compression Springs:

Victory Spring develops compression springs in several styles and they can be used as shock absorbers, pure energy accumulators, force generators, or vibration dampers.

Most importantly, your project’s success depends on the right spring materials and dimensions. We’re a reliable spring manufacturer that provides compression springs with the longest service life.

You’re always welcome to give us a call at 780 442 4020 to inquire more about how we’re making your life easier. The best example of compression springs includes bed sprigs and the spring used in suspension transportation systems.

Extension Springs:

What’s more reliable than a spring that dampens force and performs a pushing action? Obviously, nothing more valuable than extension springs.  Victory Spring uses high-quality material to develop springs used in trampolines, exercise machines, garage doors, and many others.

Our highly qualified team is always here to help you find the perfect fit. Moreover, you may find these springs in screen doors.

Torsion Springs:

If you’re looking to store rotational energy or apply a torque then try Torsion Springs from Victory Spring. You may find these types of springs in window shades, clothespins, counterbalances, hinges, mechanisms, ratchets, and countless other machine components.

Get the best quality Torsion springs from Victory Spring at the most affordable rates. The best example of the application of Torsion Spring is a mousetrap. Furthermore, you can use them in windows and doors.

Wire & Flat Spring Clips:

Wire & Flat Spring Clips are specially designed to maintain constant pressure and hold various components together for a long time. Being an experienced spring manufacturer, we at Victory Spring make it possible for everyone to afford custom spring clips according to your specifications and requirements. Our ready-to-ship inventory is always available for you to choose the best design.

Why Choose Us?

Victory Spring has the privilege of offering the best and highest quality springs at the most affordable rates. As a leading spring manufacturer in Canada, we create almost all types of springs and wire forms.

We implement our years of experience to strive for excellence. This is what makes us unique and innovative. We use premium quality materials to offer what you’re looking for. We believe that our honesty and devotion are the foundation of your success.

A Custom Spring Manufacturer in Canada With an Excellent Reputation:

Victory Spring is a leading Custom Spring Manufacturer in Canada with a prime focus on delivering top-quality compression springs, extension springs, and torsion springs. We’ve always worked hard to maintain our global reputation for excellence. Therefore, our clients regard Victory Spring as the best spring manufacturer in Canada.

Spring Manufacturer in Canada with a Commitment To Quality:

We have always kept it our top priority to improve our quality standards. Our commitment to quality refers to our determination of achieving 100% customer satisfaction wherever possible.

Ability to Deliver:

Our supply chain process is very strong and transparent as we continue to implement proven solutions to meet the best delivery requirements. Victory Spring focuses on building strong customer and supplier relationships by ensuring implementation and improvement in the procurement process.

Victory Spring has devoted itself in making life easier for its clients. If you’re looking for any of the above mentioned springs or looking to acquire custom springs then we’re ready to help you. We’re available 24/7 to help you and provide you what you’re looking for.

“Victory Spring has been a huge benefit to us. They handle all of our precision spring requirements, and it has been a virtually trouble free experience ever since we started with them.”